Monday, January 11, 2010

A War On GeekSheik

Ursula leGuin resigned from the Author's Guild over their acceptance of the Google settlement regarding copyrights of published works.

A war with the self-proclaimed digital royalty of GeekSheik is coming. They are destroying the creative ecosystem and real artists are shooting back.

This is bad.

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John Cowan said...

You're darn tootin' it's bad. This is David vs. Goliath, only Goliath isn't a great big dummy and he's got a tension catapult that makes little David's sling look like, umm, a kiddy toy. And he's swearing to be friends 4ever if you allow him to annex just the parts of the Holy Land next to Philistia. Because otherwise, him and his friends n' relations from Carthage (and enemies from Rome, once they catch on to where the getting is good) are going to come and stomp all over Jerusalem, The City On The Hill, until it's The City In The Valley instead. And won't you be sorry then. Remember, when David was running from Saul aka The MainStream Makher, where'd he go? To the Philistines, natch.

Somewhat more seriously, this initiative is (very ironically) just like the people who want to say the GPL is legally invalid and so they can do whatever they want to with other people's GPLed code. Then their lawyers point out that this is kicking the ball through their own goalposts: if the GPL's no good, naked copyright law rulez, and they can't do anything with that code whatsolutely. Epic fail. All die. Oh, the embarrassment.

He who fights and runs away, etc.

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