Friday, June 24, 2005

Bewitched: The Movie

We saw the movie tonight. It sucks.

Hollywood threw all of the talent, wit and ideas at the movie they could devise, and it still sucks.

Some things can only be made of a time and a place and one true love. Liz Montgomery loved Bill Asher and he her. Between them, they could make Bewitched in the light of that love. Some of the best episodes are when Liz is pregnant with her children, and certainly the first two seasons. It doesn't translate to today and it can't be made again because it isn't honest, and it isn't Liz and Bill.

Somehow that makes me glad.

Magic is real. Maybe that is the point of the movie and that is the best they can do is make that point: magic only happens to people in love.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ingrid Bergman

In the roles they choose, their screen time, and the spaces within which they perform, actresses use light to accomplish their goals. Some would be "Sister Mary Benedict" or "Golda", a passionate saint or a leader of nations, while others, are merely "Ilse" dutifully flying beyond the fog

"... not today or even tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life..."

only to become "Maria" for whom

"... it was determined, that they should ring first that rose earliest."

yet for herself, Ingrid Bergman chose to live a passionate life because she knew that a passionate light illuminates a life even as it wanes. A dutiful light illuminates the moment of discharging that duty otherwise casting no shadow nor making clear the way for any other act.

Time and space pilfer light. The bitterness of the dutiful choice is to finally understand that all we get is old.

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