Friday, August 12, 2005

Gas and The Suburban Warrior

My son turned 16 and I bought him a six cylinder car. Gas prices rise. My plan to keep him close to home is working.

Next year, you will see very poor people driving very nice previously owned SUVs. You will see very rich people driving very nice restored VW Beetles. There is a rough justice in that.

The men in my neighborhood are organizing group expeditions to Wal Mart and Home Depot on the weekends. Our wives are organizing whose lawn will be mowed on alternative weeks.

The beneficiaries of the gas prices are local TV stations. We can't afford to drive to the movie store, and we gave up on the movie industry last year anyway. Come to think of it, Hollywood is the one place in the nation that is truly low on gas.

I could take this seriously, but first I have to help repair my neighbor's push golf cart. In return, he is sharpening my wooden handle hedge clippers and swingblade. That's ok. The fellow across the street is blowing his leaves off his driveway.

The knee pads help.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

To The Canadians

When my country needed its friends, Peter Jenning's friendship was a great gift. For boys my age, he was a truthteller, the greatest gift that friendship gives. I grieve with you. We will remember our friend, for his goodness, his charm, and his wit but most importantly, his truth.

God, give Peter a job.


Doing Business in The Jungle

The fastest gazelle rises early to outrun the slowest gazelle.

The fastest lion rises early to chase the slowest gazelle.

The lazy hunter rises at noon, loads a gun, and shoots the fastest lion before shooting the slowest gazelle.

The slowest lion waits in the bush for the hunter to reload.

The crafty vulture patiently waits to feed on the slowest gazelle, the fastest lion, or the lazy hunter.

Be the middle gazelle.

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