Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let Me Be With Her In Heaven (For Sharon)

Cantor Sharon Kunitz and Len Bullard
Lord, do not part in Heaven
Whom you brought together in life
Let us travel there together
Beneath the wings of love and light
Compassion will not suffer
Separation and strife
Let me be with her in Heaven
As we were together in life.

You are the one true judge
Always thy will be done
But I cannot believe her grave
Is a wall that blocks the sun
The love we shared was holy
The intimate moments few
And now her endless journey
Draws her ever nearer to you

Lord do not part eternally
I ask in sorrowful song
For the troubled days are darker
And the darkness deep and long
But the summer evening lingers
To meet the tear filled dawn
Let me be with her in Heaven
For the sake of love now gone.

In the summerland of heaven
Past the water’s edge of Sheol
Let her smiling face there greet me
And then let us journey on
For what is Heaven’s reward
If parted from those we knew
Let me be with her in Heaven
And together there with you.

Len Bullard – May 25, 2013
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— with Sharon Kunitz

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