Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FB Open Graph and Public Safety Applications

A strategy for implementing profitable open systems is to create variations at interfaces that act as forces on integration thus market selection. This is particularly true of web systems with a small set of mostly interoperable browser clients. The competition shifted to the plug-in protocols or application content servers. It's a natural evolution and it leads some to think high reliability is best obtained by closed systems free riding in open IP environments or at least, semi-permeable. Given local shops implementing open vocabularies, the choices made on the production floor combined with the market force of the vendor at the time/season of release create the opportunity.

Social net clients are convergence clients by fact of membership in distribution communities with overlaid meta-rules for social semantics. Social net clients are a member of cross-boundary communications client markets seen otherwise in server-side public safety systems for organizing emergency response. Change the games to resource tasks and dispatch and set up the groups and with chat, you have a basic volunteer-side emergency response system. The integration opportunities are obvious and already emerging in weather reporting and news organizations who are using the FB pages locally to keep citizens informed.

So a question would be does the OpenGraph protocol enhance the market emergence of increased integration with the classes of functions and operations over resources described in for example, the US National Response Framework with it's Emergency Support Functions? I think the answer is yes, it's a start because of the notion pages represent real world objects.

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