Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Programmers Paving the Road to Web Hell

Here is one of those nifty articles from a web developer.

Some nifty ideas lead to hell. That is one of them. Most of the "we can make it easy on ourselves" ideas do that in a system that rock-bottom relies on some standards, regardless of how weak, to work.

Note that in a following article, they talk about making a standard nifty idea out of the path to hell. Let's be sure on the way to hell we are all taking it as easy and marching in lock step. The Devil likes nothing better than people who take an approved route to hell and web programmers are the Devil's Disciples when it comes to making it easier for themselves while increasing the misery for everyone else.

That's why a technical writer's standard response having spent the time to master SGML and XML to a programmer bitching about HTML and "how hard it is" is: "You're right. Now, go to hell."


Monday, October 29, 2012

All of Me/Today - Len Bullard With Johnny Tona and Steve Weber

From the vaults. About 1985. Johnny was a master fiddler and pool player.

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