Tuesday, July 18, 2006


"I metta man? What man? The man with the power? What power? Hoodoo! Hoodoo? You do? Do what? Metta man! What man? The man with the power!"

The world writhes in agony tonight. Some for the images they see. Some for being those images. One may look in the mirror to find the fault, or one may ask of the receiver that which makes them happy without fault. However we choose, the agony is of our making, so we make a hell for ourselves. Still, hell is a place we make for our torment and if we wish to be peaceful, we must begin the path away from hell.

Here are helpful means to navigate a path out of hell:


Note well: all the qualities of metta are the qualities of inbound links because they can only be validated by the receiver. To receive, others must care; to give, one is not other.

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