Friday, February 01, 2008

It IS About Race

I'm being asked about my voting preferences in the upcoming elections. First, I'm a Democrat. Readers of my blog know that and know my positions on the War, Bubba Bush, Rove the MasterBaiter, and so on. No mysteries there.

1. If it comes down to McCain vs Clinton: I vote for Clinton. I've had enough of the Republicans. Although I respect John McCain, his age and his party work against him.

2. If it comesdown to Obama vs McCain: I vote for McCain. Obama is slick but hollow. A good speechmaker, he may be just a bit too much like John Kennedy who was also a good speech maker but shallow in foreign affairs and up to his hips in scandals which fortunately for him, weren't revealed until after he was assasinated and deified.

Is it about race?

We're told we can't ask that question. The fact that we are told that means it is about race. We were told we couldn't ask questions about the war too because we'd be unpatriotic. When a topic goes off limit, it is worth talking about. I don't hold race against Obama personally. I hold the notion it isn't worthy of discussion against his supporters. I have the very fresh memory of the announcing of the results of the OJ Simpson verdict when the black community stood up and cheered for a man who had cut the head off his wife and murdered a young boy in cold blood. I can't get over it or past it. Now I see Oprah talking about a 'new day for our people' and I have to wonder if I am in the demographic. If I have to wonder, it is about race. Otherwise, why vote for someone who doesn't even have enough experience to know a slum lord from a land lord.

From then until now, I've had all I can stand of tribal drum beating from the far right wing nuts of the Republican Baiting Party to the Al Sharpton's who can't seem to understand that as long as race is an excuse, nothing is inexcusable. Now we can add the Millenials with their age bigotry to this camp who believe it is time for them to take over the country. When you can pay for it, you can have it, kids.

I don't think this country needs a Great Get-Even and that may be what we get with Obama. That WOULD be the politics of the past.

No, what we need is a good hard nosed executive. There is work to be done and I've had enough of visionaries and other feel good fairies. I want to know how the next President will manage my money and the resources I want to leave to my children.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Epiphany and Cecile

Here are some new instrumentals for you. These are reflective, meditative, lush... ah heck... ear candy.

Why Epiphany? Why not?
Why Cecile? Fred didn't fit.

Both of these are part of the new Virtual Reality world being built for the University of Western Australia - Perth. I can't wait to see the completed work.



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