Friday, May 30, 2008

Of Ministers and Mad Men

It’s the eve of the Big Meeting in Washington of the DNC Fools Committee and from where I sit, Michigan and Florida are losing. Meanwhile, another close associate of Obama comes out of the closet as a looney spouting racist rhetoric that would make John Brown spin in his grave. The death march to the sea continues.

The DNC and the Obama supporters know what mainstream Democrats know: these ministers are Obama's friends, not Johnny-come-lately admirers seizing fifteen minutes of flame. These are the people he chooses to associate with. This is who Obama secured many thousands of dollars in Federal grants for. These ARE his people, white, black, racist, sexist or just crazy. This IS the Obama Nation.

That is why Hillary is winning the national vote. This is why he loses the general election.

The fascinating bit is the narrative arc. Nancy Pelosi sets up a candidate with money and support, pushes all the right buttons to set him against her chief rival, Hillary Clinton. With his delegate count soaring but his campaign losing in the popular vote, she steps in as the great power broker to “stop the fighting”, anointing herself as the queen while her knight errant is sent off to slay the monster but leaving her with the magic money machine and the voter list. She doesn't care that he is losing; she needs him to create the perception of herself as the real power in the party. Very slick moves by Pelosi one must admit to set her self up as the presumptive nominee for 2012 and the hegemon during his presidency.

Almost Shakespearean. Very Grendel. At least, bad Disney.

Except it is falling apart in the third act. Why?

The scenario in the beginning was Pelosi brokering Silly Valley money and making deals with Chicago politicians to take the White House and both houses of Congress. It seemed simple. The Republican numbers were in the basement. They could run a fresh face if a weak candidate and use the dry tinder of white guilt and intimidation to fuel the fire.

So far so good, but elite liberals who use black politicians seldom associate with them in black social circles; so they know less than nothing about the culture of blacks among blacks. They don't understand the depth of anger, hostility and racist rhetoric or how much of that signal is there on the very instrument they use to fuel the money machine: the Internet.

Now it is too late to weasel out and in the mean time, the enemies of America in the Middle East are supporting Obama in public. How easy will it be to create the perception of a loose confederation of like minded left wing liberals who espouse causes that threaten Israel, the US and the European allies? Too easy. Why? Pelosi didn't understand what she was setting in motion. She is blinded by her ambition to take down Hillary Clinton. She forgets that once Hillary is out of the picture, the MSM and the hard right wing will defile Obama with the same tactics and more money. She and hers spent theirs defeating Clinton.

This begins to look like the voyage to Hell for Pelosi and her band of merry Internet Pranksters as they are sucked down into the maelstrom of anti-American sentiment and actions, a twister she fueled by heating the atmosphere with racism and sexism.

Pundits want to make this about Hillary but Pfleger made this about reparations. It's a one two punch with Wright delivering the message and Pfleger delivering the terms. Obama is simply expected to deliver.

Because of the events that have transpired, there is going to be a lot more of this between now and November. The problem with Obama's Big Speech is it is a one trick pony. His support has been clearly eroding in the popular vote since the Reverend Wright fiasco. Because his entire political career is built on association but no substantive work, all he can be judged by ARE his associations.

That will be enough to put McCain in the White House by a blow out. We had a better than even chance with Senator Clinton at the helm. Now we have less than one in three and those odds depend on the voters worrying about McCain's age. That is pretty weak. So then it becomes about the war. That is two edged. If the surge keeps working and there are draw downs between now and the election (something Bush can be sure to make happen), all they need is for Osama and his merry band to repeat a performance somewhere in Europe, something they can manage, or for the Middle East terrorists to make a campaign video endorsing Obama which they probably will do.

Nothing is certain but the odds on favorite is McCain at this point courtesy of Nancy Pelosi whose blind ambition had split the Democratic Party and ruined the one chance it had at the White House.

Past performance is a predictor of future performance, but only McCain and Clinton have a genuine legislative record. Even there, the campaign never focuses on the issues. In this election, no one owns the real issues. Everyone has a plan. In the case of the Democrats, the plans are close in nature kind and objectives. Some are not achievable because they go too far too fast or cost too much. People know this. It is part of the campaign.

So in the end it comes down to who do you trust to do their very best. Character assessment is precisely how most make that decision. Hillary is ahead in the popular vote and her lead is widening. The Democrats woke up and paid attention to Obama too late because they didn't take him seriously. Pfleger is right about that. They already know her or think they do. The $40 million character assassination done by the Republicans had a lasting effect.

Now they are wide awake and seized with a horror of what seems unavoidable. They have not only set up the weaker candidate for nomination, but one who's associates guarantee a scandal a week for years to come. So we get four years and the Republicans get another twelve and that is the BEST we can do.

It didn't have to be this way. Maybe we learned something but history indicates lessons learned are lost one generation after they are acquired.

Let's see if we can untangle the pundit spin.

1. Obama is a likable guy even if arrogant and aloof. He is an election 'horror' because his associates’ positions plus the pile on from the Middle East put Pelosi and her Pranksters on a day-glo bus to hell. They can't lead, they can’t follow, they can’t get off, they can’t stand still, they can’t slow down, they can’t take Hill, and if the thunder doesn’t get them, the lightning will (apologies to the Grateful Dead). The electorate will tire very fast and the down ticket races will reflect that. IOW, it’s woody weeding time for the DNC.

2. He hasn't earned this nomination. Pelosi's Amazing Money Machine bought his delegates and his ability to outspend 4 to 1. Nothing in his legislative achievement says he can govern effectively when it comes to world policy. Then there are those pictures of Hillary Clinton in the green zone with John McCain among thousands of others showing she goes where the crosses grow and comes back with the facts. Say what you will about Bosnia, she was there.

What I am saying is 'THIS' first lady is far more qualified, and THIS Senator is the strongest candidate. That the Pelosi cabal in the DNC chose to use all their resources to destroy her says clearly we need to push them out of power. They fear her more than they want Obama.

The Democratic nomination process is straight out of MAD Magazine. Even Alfred E. should worry.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Incredulous!!!! This is Obama's church. This is what the Democrats want to run the country???

We thought Bush was bad. We were right. This is simply unbelievable. Voting for McCain just got a whole lot easier.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roll On Mighty River!

As the nominating process comes to a close, the press piles on and the pundits gleefully recite their litany of putrid prose for the profanity that has become the Democratic National Committee, I am reminded of an old folk song from my youth that exactly describes my celebration of the well-deserved futilities to come.

Roll on!

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