Friday, July 13, 2007

Blood Tests

Back in for blood tests today. The lymph nodes in the neck are swelling so there will be another CAT scan next week. Not to worry too much though. The blood tests looked good and it's still very early in the game. It's a bit of lousy karma for a singer given I have a scheduled performance in a week at church (You Raise Me Up) and two new songs ready to record as soon as I can do it.

The job is high presssure but that's ok. It is great fun to lead a team of good folks doing something worthwhile with the code. I'm bringing the laptop home and working late hours but it is fun. ASP2.0 is probably better but I could debug a response.write statement just looking at it. The easier the framework tries to make building a web page, the harder it becomes to debug it. I may be (no I am) old fashioned but stuffing the pipes with too much ease usually has the opposite effect. (For you non-geeks, ASP is a Microsoft application design toolkit).

In general, I am fine. The lawn is mowed, the bills are paid, and Dr Who is back on Sci Fi. I will release a new version of the River of Life 3D world soon.

Getting up happy about the day is such a change from the last few years of work. I have to hope it lasts a few years on balance and on account.

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