Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama Camp

So you're supporting Obama because he is for change, or maybe because you hate Bush, or maybe because you think nothing can be worse than the last eight years.

Guess again.

Here is what you are supporting.

This one is from Venice California. Obama is going to change it all.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Understanding Economics

I found this on Jon Taplin's blog. Don't ask; just watch. The only difference is today that person in the string vest would be Hispanic.

Class War

If you cast it in the terms a talking head journalist understands, diction, erudition, breath control, pacing, sophistication, Palin lost. That was Rachel Maddow's take.

If you cast it in the terms the average American understands, courage of convictions, honesty, forthrightness, direct approach to the problems, Palin won. That was Greta van Susteren's take.

If you cast it in terms of who understands what a working mother wants to hear regarding taking the fight to the corruption in DC and New York, Palin won. That was the take of the women at the coffee pot this morning.

For the person who had the most distance to cover, Palin clearly won.

Will all that sum up as leadership? That is to be determined.

The disappointment was the utter predictability of each network's reaction. The candidate they are in the tank for, they still are.

But here's the kicker: sophistication is telling people losing their homes they are the reason for the credit crunch because they bought what they could not afford while the sophisticate telling them that is eating fish eggs at $330 an ounce. Gore and Kerry didn't get that.

The fat guy down front with five kids and a job teetering on layoff and the single mom raising a family don't either.

This election is a class war.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Loose Conversations: Fifty Foot Veronica

"One more thing, Truman was a Democrat, so what is your point?"

Truman was a haberdasher first, and considered for the ticket only because FDR thought him incapable of being a power player. No one thought him capable of stepping in and FDR knew he was himself, unlikely to make it.

He did it anyway.

Brad sez: "There is simply no possible way that a liberal, country-loving Democrat can understand those of you who helped elect W into office twice and we are almost paranoid that you will do it to us again."

I get that. I was a Democrat of the same bent. Then I read about Barack and realized there are deeper dangers than even W.

One is an arrogant self-confidence that if people don't vote for the man, somehow they are stupid.

Two is watching the left so afraid of losing that they become the right but worse. If you become that which frightens you, you lose anyway.

That breaks all deals.

@nat sez" It has been amateur night in the white house for 8 years. Clown season is over."

Clowns? Bush and Cheney? Only if you watch Tripping the Rift, Nat.

You offer us a bean counter who can't not smirk or get irritated when confronted.

We offer a point guard who can play through the pain.

I'll take Six over Chode or Bobo anyday. Are you guys afraid of a fifty foot Veronica?

Mary's Season

It is a beautiful Sunday. I found these and think them clever.

Ave Maria - Schubert (Bocelli)

Ave Maria - Gounod (Bocelli)

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