Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Navigate ROL

An old friend commented on the scene on my Facebook page. It is a screen snap from a virtual reality album I created called "The River of Life". It is on the web at the address below.

You will require a plugin or browser that can render VRML97. A suggestion is the Blaxxun browser at BitManagement
(if others work, please say).

To experience the world:

1. Copy the URL into your browser address box.
2. Let the world load completely. You will hear music.
3. If you have Blaxxun, right click and choose view my avatar.
4. Put your avatar on the boat or right click and select Viewpoints/The Boat.

The Boat will take you to the entrance to the temple grounds. Go to the woman on the bridge. When she refuses yoo,
touch her heart and you are bound to her. Whatever she worships, touch. When she has taught you all
she knows of love, she will release you to roam the world freely.

If the project interests you, there is a tutorial about this project including code examples in the first articles of this blog:

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