Friday, May 16, 2008

Lysistrata 2008

It seems the women are waking up to the power of the media, big money and men in this campaign. They also realize that Hillary Clinton has been screwed over by all three. The creeping realization of Nancy Pelosi's role in this is also dawning as they see articles like this from Atlantic Monthly.

Here are some exchanges from an ABC blog.

To John Cowan: as I said, too disorganized for their own good. Otherwise, you would be right.

I support the HC supporters who realize that sexism not racism was the real issue here. I am thrilled that the women have *finally* decided to fight for Hillary. Great.

But do understand that this has NEVER been about Obama vs Clinton. Obama did not have the organization or clout to create the "Amazing Money Machine" as Atlantic Monthly calls it. That was done by Nancy Pelosi using her contacts in Silly Valley. This race is about her blind ambition to be the first female president and not to become Hillary Clinton's water boy.

So step back and consider this: you've been hustled by one of your own and you didn't notice because the sexism and racism issues blind you to the reality of one woman working hard to derail another. Until you get that and manage it, you're majority status is useless.

From IndigoGrrl comes:

I agree with you that Pelosi has had her hands in this... but do not discount the part of Dean, Kennedy & Daschle in this charade!

Yes, IndigoGrrl, but before you walk into the sexist trap all fired up, go cold and go slow. Read the Atlantic Monthly article and understand the power behind the throne here. It was Pelosi that built the money machine. Everyone else is a front dummy. Men just aren't usually that smart.

Otherwise, this revolt is coming too little and too late and won't mean a thing to this election or Hillary Clinton.

Remember, they want you to fire up and act like 'teed off girls'. The anger you feel is real, but if it becomes Lysistrata 2008, defectors will disable you before you can do anything useful.

Remember: Go slow. Go cold.

Then the paid Obama male blogger chimes in:

the sexist argument hurts women...

if this was a sexist situation then why was hillary the presumptive nominee in October with what 53 to Obama's 20 in the consistent polls...

there would have had to be a massive sexist movement in the 3 months.

calling her loss on sexism...hurts every woman who faces real sexism.


and the fast riposte

Wrong dl. Sexism is the oldest of the isms. It's been in play as long as there have been sexes, for any practical measure, forever. It just turns ugly sometimes.

But if you missed the MSNBC comments, the "w**re, c**t, b**ch, kitchen, laundry, kewpie doll, let's gang up on her" affairs, you are a real latecomer to this process and I know that isn't true, so you are hoodwinking.

My quandary is why it took other women so long to notice and get angry about it. The finest woman candidate of a generation got belitted and stomped without much reaction because everyone was so caught up in the fear of being called 'racist'. The women let The View shut them up when they should have been declaring Lysistrata 2008.

But it is Pelosi who did the damage to them. That may take some time to be clearly understood.

The problem of letting an ism take hold is it blinds us to the other isms.

indigoGrrl sez:

I've bookmarked your blog -- good stuff...others here should do the same.


Thanks. Good idea because the ABC moderators will delete these messages almost as fast as we post them. That at least tells us where that network stands with regards to women's rights although Desperate Housewives should have been a ringing bell.

Don't give up. Go Slow. Go Cold.

HRC: 16,691,639
BHO: 16,648,060

Hillary has the popular vote. The DNC with able maneuvering by Nancy Pelosi and the MSM takes the victory away. The Republicans win in the General Election because of defections from the Democrats angered over a corrupt process and rampant sexism.

Lysistrata 2008. Make them eat their campaign signs.

It should be an entertaining summer. Go get 'em ladies!

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