Friday, April 18, 2008

For Hillary: Show Some Love


1. Credible plan to restart manufacturing.

2. Credible promise for high quality products.

3. No Product. No Market. No Sale. No Pay.

The War:

Bad investment. First strike is not the American way. Disengage and deal. Even if Carter is not where he is supposed to be or even if he is, his message is LISTEN. Embrace his actions while not endorsing them.

Pick your fights: Defend those who will vote for you.

The damage from the published character assassination is done.

Speak in clear hopeful terms about how we will create markets, not just in high tech, but also in commodity products. How can we do that in an economy where the American Dream is not something everyone can get, but has the equal opportunity to try? Cost vs Function.

What America wants is to feel good about itself again. The good bits in life are not faster cars, bigger houses, a huge individual carbon footprint; the good bits are the shared bits.

My Take: Breathe America. You are a very powerful nation. Be Proud, but quit condescending to the rest of the world. Pick your fights. Booty raids are a bad reason to wage modern war.

If we want the rest of the world to respect us, we must respect ourselves. If we want the rest of the world to love us, we must respect them. Love is not force or the absence of force. It is the respect in the application of force.

Leave Iraq. If they kill each other, that is their business. Cold but the only way we can completely disengage.

Say NO to Thugs.

Show some love, Hillary, show some love.

On the web, the cost of communication is borne by the listener.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Say NO To Thugs

Hillary won the debate. By a large measure.

When a woman wins in this election, the Obama supporters turn vicious. Read the MoveOn instructions to attack ABC. See the tenor of the Obama supporters and the language.

Do you not see the bullies? How dumb are we?

She was great because she showed the strength and leadership and knowledge of the issues that are very important to the next president

Precisely right, President Clinton. Precisely right.

But tell her, No We Won't. If not Hillary, then McCain.

Say NO to Thugs.

You Lost. Get Over It.

The long bitter butter battle over OOXML should have ended with the ratification from ISO. Instead, those who cannot accept that decision decided to go to the streets. I respect Steve Pepper, but this time, he is wrong. I respect Tim Bray, but he is very wrong. Bob Sutor is an IBM VP of Standards. He is working for a corporation on a suicide mission. He has my sympathy, but between the anti-Microsoft tactics and now the push to move all IBM employees to Macs, thus killing off IBM's most profitable business units, IBM is moving beyond wrong into dumb.

Don't engage the anti-OOXML forces with explanations. Their tactic now is to accuse ISO of corruption, thus making it even more difficult to create international standards by negotiated consensus. They are moving on to a scorched Earth strategy that will ultimately destroy any real chance at maintaining open standards organizations if they succeed.

These are not reasonable people. They were full of fury before the vote, and frustration will drive them to be even more furious. You won't win them over with logical arguments or appeals for professional behavior.

The answer is simple:

"You lost. Get over it."

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