Monday, April 21, 2008

Modern Vocabulary

From time to time, we see new words added to the vocabulary reflecting changes in the zeitgeist. Here are some:

  • Friken: French fried chicken.
    Use: "Did you see that friken chicken?"

  • Frappuchino: Mexican Fried Frapps.
    Use: "Let's stop and pick up a frappuchino on the way to the mall."

  • Obamite: remains of the planet Obama.
    Use: "The Obamites will weaken her, but she's a real fighter."

  • ObamaBot: rogue killer robots from planet Obama.
    Use: "The ObamaBots are out in force today."

  • BillaryBot: Nemesis of ObamaBots.
    Use: "The BillaryBots are striking back, but they seem outnumbered."

  • Clintonista: operating system of the US President.
    Use: "Can they stop the Clintonistas before August?"

  • McCain: A new drink from McDonalds.
    Use: "If you drink McCain you won't be able."

  • Pundits: chewing gum for bad commedians
    Use: "These lousy pundits just don't seem to help."

  • Jay-Z: The last Jay.
    Use: Isn't one hit of Jay-Z enough?

  • Arianna: A hirsute British royal.
    Use: Never use. MI6 is Listening

  • Soros: What comes with suffering.
    Use: All my soros'll soon be over.

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