Saturday, January 30, 2010

Social Media: The Attentivore Venn

As I was reading a comment by Stefanie Michaels that said,
"Had you only taken the time to check out our feeds, you may have been able to have a more in depth understanding of who we are... after all- that's social media."
I thought about this picture; so here is it is at the speed of tweet.

The amazing thing is she didn't know we did read them and even made a video to support them in a good natured way. Maybe these gals don't get it unless it comes from their own inner circle. It is interesting that a report from the UK asserts that 90% of the tweets come from 10% of the twitterers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Not So Secret Secret

The harshness of the coming year will be the far left true believers in Obama who finally realize that the cuts in Federal spending will be in their favorite programs while the ones they do not support or actively despise will receive greater funding. They will blame the usual suspects and they will be right but they will also be part of the problem.

It is rare to find those who can simultaneously be sanguine as they stare into the horror of the scene unfolding. Even the investments in innovation will be made in the companies where Wall Street investors get the upper hand fast as stock becomes available. For all the change promised, the same people will take the lion's share even as a few jobs are created here and there by boutique projects.

Change we can believe in is not always change we like.

I believe in Ford: the one company that turned down the bailout money and on that day made their employees proud to be employed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Republican Response

The Republican response to President Obama's speech last night follows:

and pretty much everything else that would be good for anyone not rich enough to matter.


Beyond the incalculable blunder of the name (yes, our office jokes about this are the same as yours):

UPDATE: Thanks to Rob Koberg who sent this link, that point has been illustrated humorously by someone. Gotta love the web when it reacts fast and with the right spirit.

  • I've heard the cooing about consumers of books. I don't need it. I don't read that often.

  • I've heard the speculation about audio/midi. Thanks, I've got lots of those.

  • I've heard the games-du-jour rants. Thanks, I don't play games.

  • It's very cool. No thanks. I hate my cell phone.

  • You can watch hi-rez movies. No thanks. I have a Very Large Flatpanel for that and I can't drive and watch dinky 4:3 TV.

  • You're not our target demographic. Oh thank God for that.

  • $499 is CHEAP. Maybe, but only $999 is functional and I don't need a cute paperweight with hi-rez sparkles even if it sparkles for ten hours.

  • Arlo and Felicia are getting one. Good. She can ride on the back of his Indian and read to him. He'll like that.

  • YAG (yet another gadget). As the fellow said at CNet, iPass.

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