Wednesday, April 13, 2016

After a long career as a chump for the MIC, I retired and now I can be just a musician and a virtual reality rock guy.  So this from my band DawgHaus, Walking to Cusco.  Made old school with freeware, open source, it is a VRML97 full free roamer with music embedded, a virtual reality rock album. 

Walking To Cusco - DawgHaus

This was created with the tools in credits at the end of the video.  We are making the videos as a direct path for the songs and animation to go to the web.  However, the concept of a VR Rock album is fully realized.

VR can return to music what was lost to the web on the web:  profits.   With VR, rock becomes software and software on the web retains value because if ya ain't got the latest, ya ain't got the best.

I use and defend using VRML97 for this. It has all the technology required for this art at this time by people who cannot afford to create high end and most particularly for music to whom music must be the first priority.  It must have rock solid sound engines and world interaction.  It must have clean IP and because of the foresight of people such as Mark Pesce, Tony Parisi, Rikk Carey and Gavin Bell, VRML has the cleanest IP on the web.

The creators of VRML97 set out to make an HTML for VR.  They succeeded.

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