Monday, April 24, 2017

YouTube Playlists

I've been doing some maintenance on my YouTube page today, specifically, adding playlists that organize the videos by content types, bands, animations, song styles, etc. Since there are 130 videos and more being added, this will help those who want to for example, watch Dickens Christmas Carol or the Irishspace VR epic in the right order. Or if you want to listen to the GroundLevelSound or DawgHaus songs. And so forth. Something that will help me enormously if those of you who enjoy our work will PLEASE subscribe to the YouTube channel. More subscriptions helps in various ways, search placement and yes, financially. I will continue to post songs here on Facebook but subscribers are notified and that helps me because FB is very squirrely about who gets a post of a song, and in fact, it limits those to inveigle me to buy ads. I can't afford that and I am happy to share our songs, and very grateful that you give them a spin. Many thanks! Len Bullard YouTube Playlists!

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