Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Southern Girl


Slow slinky snaky blues for swaying in the hot summertime moonlight...

Southern Girl

Lacy White Face
Kinky Dark Soul
Hair in one place
Down to her toes
Hips swaying gently
Singing her tune right
Baby blue eyes
Shining in the Moonlight

Southern Girl
She's got what it takes
A plan and a miracle
Will cover her mistakes
If she wears the right skirt
There's no chance she will lose
Forget the Southern Girl Blues

Sexy red dress
Porcelain skin
Slow honey voice
Anything but thin
Curvy wide hips
White breasts above
Eyes like sapphires
Blue fires of love

Southern girl
She's just the right red
To hold a Southern Man
To keep him tied to her bed
To make him understand
There's just one way he can lose
Give a Southern Girl the blues

She’ll put her pretty face on
To stop a ramblin' man
Keep him all to herself
Keep him close as she can
Never be a fussy hussy
Keep him wondering when
She puts her Bible on the table
As she welcomes him in

A Southern girl
Likes to party and such
But promises made
When her heart's in a crush
Don't mean much unless
He is the boy she'll choose
To give that Southern girl the blues, ooooh

She wears floppy hats
She digs in the dirt
She didn't make the rules
But she can make the rules hurt
She's got a spoon in the kitchen
And a whip in the den
She'll stir you and whip you
Again and again

Southern Girls
Can draw a man in
Make a hero of a slave
Make a fool of him then
Take it all back with a smile
That she couldn't use
And have the southern girl blues

len bullard - june 10 2016
Slow slinky snaky blues for swaying in the hot summertime moonlight...

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