Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who Rules?

The voting results tonight are astounding. After all the press told the voters Barack is the presumptive nominee, he gets mauled. We see continued erosion of Barack's core and accelerating loss of the working class precisely when by the game rules he is the front runner.

Delegates are the game. The people pick the President.

Who rules?

Barack Obama is winning the nomination and losing the election.

Monday, May 19, 2008

75000 Honeysuckles

Many thanks to the Obama supporters who sent me those *informative* and *morale boosting* emails last weekend. It was a beautiful weekend in Alabama with the honeysuckles blooming. The rodeo was fantastic and the smell of fear from Chicago was overwhelming. God bless you. You do make me feel better about living here.

Obama telling everyone not to talk trash about his wife is admirable and probably prudent. He could have mentioned it when his wife told the supporters that if Clinton can't handle her house, how can she handle the country?

Well, what goes around comes around, Bo. You know that. It was time to suckle some honey up your way. I'm married. I get that. :-)

But despite the press, the delegate math and the out-of-towners bussed into Oregon to make that crowd, some trends are not going the way of the Democratic Party these days.

The revealing trend is the Democratic Party is splitting in a way it hasn't before. Yes, Clinton and Obama have created an unusual interest in the election, the process and the parties. Party bosses say this makes the process healthier and that might be so, but it may not be working as they think.

Many who have for years supported their party of choice like it was a weekend sports contest or because their family supported the party or it once had a candidate they supported have done so sleep walking. Now they are awake. Now they are looking.

Now many don't like what they see. The same people who are resisting one candidate or another are also resisting their party leadership for reasons they feel justify that resistance.

Some party leaders are losing more than they know. Pelosi, Dean etc., have sided with the same candidate that Hamas is siding with. That may not work out very well for them.

You can get 75,000 people in one place in Oregon by lighting a joint on the same day the wind is blowing. "Too Much, The Magic Bus!" So Obama flipped a Byrd. He should have gotten David Crosby. That at least would be entertaining.

1. Obama's State count doesn't reflect the electoral count. He is losing to Clinton and would lose to McCain when you examine the electoral math.

2. Hillary Clinton is ahead in the popular vote. That lead will get bigger tomorrow.

3. Obama's core constituency has been weakening since Ohio and the rate of erosion increased since West Virginia. The defection of the Reagan Democrats and a not inconsiderable number of women voters weakens him further.

4. Obama is picking up delegates with promises of cash and positions. No one who commits has to vote the same way twice except the popular vote. The delegates know that on a second vote at the convention, they are free to vote anyway they like. That means they can take money and play again. Alice Palmer will enjoy this wherever she is.

5. Obama continues to show weak character and bad judgment in the press. Michelle is fair game while she campaigns for him. Obama supporters told Chelsea to toughen up. I suggest you forward that to BO. A man making hollow threats is not about to bargain credibly with Hamas.

It gets better on CNN. John King admits and the Democratic insiders admit that Hillary is stronger in the electoral math. She will win. Obama? They aren't sure. He has to turn an eroding constituency around but the constituency he needs appears growing only angrier at the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

Meanwhile the delegate count is slipping away from Clinton as if the Dems have signed a mutual electoral suicide pact.

And McCain? Enjoying it. As he should. "Imagine the excitement of leaving the convention and still not knowing who the nominee is?"

However this nomination fight goes, the Democratic Party needs to throw Pelosi and Dean to the wolves. The party claims to be uniting but it isn't going to happen this time. Overmanaging and blind ambition have cost us the one election we could not lose.

Suckle up to honey, Sweetie. The drums are beating and the natives are restless.

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