Monday, January 14, 2019

The Room Over the Garage - Open Broadcasting Software Comes to Ancient Media Geek

Wow!  Open Broadcasting Software.   The Jinn is back!   With this... big juju.   Access all of the catalogs we've made.  Integrate music, animation, spoken stories, all from the room over the garage.

Bought a Logitech 922.   Major kick butt.  I can be in my own videos.  I can curate them live.  I can read the texts of the VRML epics.   Heh! Heh!  Heh! 

What is required to add X3D content to OBS framed live streaming?  X3Dom to Firefox browser?  I still have working Blaxxun client for local capture but have not worked out way to stream it.  So a video to stream resource?

The OBS possibilities are endless.  Cool times for pontifact.  This is the setup performance artists have craved since browsers were slate gray:  real time broadcast frameworks in open source. The same editor records resource layered displays organized as scenes with transitions.  Via the browser, if you have a YouTube content library, you can include it as a resource.  So mix live with video or animation or stills, apply effects such as chroma key while recording four audio resources independently for export as multi track mp4 ready for that Vegas Sony Video editor tweaking.

All the catalog building pays off.  Whew!  Not for naught.

Content repurposes like sets  on a backlot.  Assemble resources into scenes transitioning in real time to real time performance.   Broadcast as game,

We can gig live, tell stories, promote gigs, teach a lick while walking on the surface of Saturn sipping coca tea.

Cool beans. :)  Many thanks!

len bullard

Post Script:

First full up test tonight.   Successful.   Technical issues to over come, habits to acquire or lose, lots of practice required.  But...


This.  Will.  Be.  Fun.

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