Thursday, June 05, 2008

No Dog In The Hunt

It's another day on the political blogs. Now that Clinton is out of the race, I can relax and taunt the contenders. Some such as Jake Tapper at ABC are still beating on Hillary Clinton but that may just be bad boy habits. He misses her.

The first part of the day is the expected attempts to humiliate Clinton supporters to come over to Obama. I suspect some will but I know a lot won't. It's just been too painful and insulting an exchange over the last few months. People who only know Obama from CNN's glowing adoration miss the real action which is where his supporters spent those months insulting and kicking in the teeth of the Clinton supporters. Those angry attitudes about Barack are quite real. One can only be called 'racist', 'idiot', 'fear monger', 'geezer' and so on for so long before it becomes a reason to not vote for their candidate.

jeanne sez:
I understand your feelings about Obama, but he claims to kick out the special interests and that is a start.

Think Jeanne. How many so-called reformers have told us that? Has it ever worked? All interests are 'special interests'. Satisfying them and getting elected are what politicians do. So try not to be as disappointed as you probably will be when yoou realize that as his classmate at Harvard said, "Obama is about Obama".

The campaigns will only give us a hint about his special interests. If his past performance is a clue, it will include prodigious amounts of tax dollars going to his cronies who espouse extreme ultra-left causes.

He can do little about the war until the conditions improve there. As Colin Powell said, "You break it; you own it." That's non-negotiable at this point.

The real interests are purely economic. A tsunami of debt and price hikes are coming our way and so far, nothing in his speeches suggests he has a single clue about what to do.

It comes down to what he is for, not what he is against.

ObamaKnew sez:
Hillary does not want the VP spot.

I hope you are right and that Senator Clinton returns to the Senate where she can do the most good for the causes she has fought for her whole life.

Otherwise she is betting her career on a campaign that has a less than even odds of winning. We really need her to stay viable. An economic tsunami is hitting our shores. The only color it favors is green and the only race it discriminates against is the one to the gas pump every Sunday night just before the prices go up.

She has already made history. If she wants to support Obama, that's her choice to make. She has an enormous amount of power right now. I'd like to see her use it to help people the way she always has. Obama's candidacy might not be the best place to leverage it in the months to come.

On the other hand, the Manly Man Contest is heating up and becoming real fun for those of us with no dog in the hunt. Obama is trying for that virile thing and so the first thing he does is push Joe Lieberman against a wall and demand his lunch money. Typical.

Now that's classic mau-mau. Push someone against a wall and demand they give you their lunch money.

Lieberman should have decked him. At some point, someone will.

So now we see that not only is Obama arrogant, he has a need to act out his aggression in public for others to approve.

This will get interesting as the heat turns up. The Republicans just got the Golden Compass to where his character flaw buttons can best be pushed. We saw flickers of it in the debates. He is a disciplined guy, but that breaks down when he thinks he has the upper hand.

That explains why McCain asked for Town Halls. McCain only needs to make him angry one time with enough surprise that Obama reacts as he did with Lieberman.

anon sez:
Lieberman is simply a mouth piece for Israel..

Which has historically been a position of some influence in American elections.

So are you pitting the Internet noveau riche against the pro-Israeli lobbies and New York wealth based on a guy who pushes old Jewish men around only when the guy has Secret Service agents to watch his back?

He's going to get creamed.

@mr coffee says Obama and McCain should
both be psychologically evaluated:

Not a bad idea. So will Dr. Phil do the evaluation? They have to get health exams. Maybe a psych eval is a reasonable request.

McCain wears his temper on the outside. That's a fighter jock. Obama wears his temper on the inside. That's a thin walled teapot waiting to blow. Experience is that if you have to deal with either of those types, the outie is a lot easier and more reliable. The innie is very unpredictable and hard to manage.

Pelosi has her work cut out for her. Obama will be a PIA to manage. She needs a waterboy and he won't be that because he is only servile until he gets the power. As we say, don't use attack dogs because they circle back to the hand that holds the leash.

That incident in the hallway with Lieberman is a loser for the ticket. Qui bono? Not the Democrats. It just made them look bad right when they were trying to keep the spin cycle pointed at Hillary to humiliate her into being more generous with her mail list. Obama needs that desperately and she doesn't have to do anything but be polite, supportive and let him self-combust.

Or his supporters will light the fire. They are his Achilles Heel.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Viva Puerto Rico!!!!

The people picked Hillary Clinton.

The party elite picks the nominee.

The people will pick the President.

VOTE IN 2008. Let them hear you roar.

If ye divide ye olde songs t'will be sung...

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