Friday, January 05, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

It's my birthday today so I decided to watch a movie with my wife and kids. A mother and daughter, at the movie store stared at the latest horror flicks before picking out two. On the way out, they passed the section with
An Inconvenient Truth.

The daughter asked the mother

"What is this?"
The mother replied in a raspy cigarette stained voice with all the disdain of the defeated in denial,

It's that Al Gore thing.

The daughter said,
Isn't he that guy that Our President beat? Did he become a movie star?

Her mother laughed as her lungs struggled for a clear breath and said,
Nah he's still a Democrat. You know, more lies.

The daughter muttered under her breath in reply but her mother ignored it.

That was good enough for me. I took it home immediately.

See this movie. Invite some friends.

After the credits, when you see the Paramount disclaimer about the opinions in this movie not being the opinions of the Paramount Corporation following the legal stuff about not copying this DVD followed by the logo that proclaims this is a Paramount Classic, do two things: laugh at the irony of Paramount being worried that someone would confuse this movie with their opinions, then copy it anyway. Put a copy in your vault and give one to your smartest friend. Tell him or her to do the same.

But watch it first with your wife and kids. When the advice comes at the end, try telling them to disregard it. When they say, "Fuck you!", say a prayer of thanks to God that you raised kids smarter than their parents.

I hope the mother in the video store did too. I'm not hopeful. People rent Will Ferrell's "Taladega Nights" thinking it a documentary about NASCAR instead of yet another inconvenient truth. At least I'm sure it isn't a Paramount Classic and it will certainly be on cable here before Al Gore's scary and very important truth is.

See "An Inconvenient Truth".

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