Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Secret of the Christ

The Secret of the Christ

Many thanks to you who sent messages of faith and support. I'll be fine. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) is very treatable. National Hockey League (NHL) isn't. There is no cure for hockey. Pick your acro-numbs wisely.

We’ll be ok regardless. We have each other. This is the great mystery and the secret of the Christ.

The church says it is a great mystery that God became a man and God died for mankind. They couch it in ceremony, tell you you need an intercessor, preach miracle and destiny and faith.

God cannot die, so God cannot give up life. God can give life. God gave Jesus a life as a man and whatever anyone believes, it was a man that died on the cross because only a man can die willingly. When the man rises, that is the gift of God.

Life is God’s gift to man. The death of the Christ is a man’s gift to God.

To serve others in selfless love was the example made and followed and this is the secret of the Christ. For two thousand years since that death, men and women have walked this earth humbly or proudly but giving of themselves to relieve the pain and suffering of others because of the man who died on the cross. The secret of the Christ is not a secret and not a mystery. What we will do for each other, we have done for God. That we will do this is the great mystery and that God knows this is the marvelous faith. From God comes love, to God goes love and to each other, all that love can bring or needs is given.

Be well. I love you. Take that as meant, not as others might think it means or ever makes of that less than it is or more than it is.

What love is, that is a mystery.

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