Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slippery When Wet

The markets of virtual reality are filling up with virtual posers. It was to be expected. The rich and the want-to-be famous always find a technology just as it pops and then make claims on it. In this case, we have the Davos self-admirers speaking longingly and lovingly about their new discovery: Second Life, the most revolutionary technology to come along.

Except the technology has been there for years. The high rents haven't. That's a new wrinkle: virtual land for rent. I love it. Too bad the power grids don't but hey, since when has that bothered the rich and the posers?

For those aborigines who have been working and playing in virtual worlds for over a decade now, this sudden interest in the river is just fine. We can sell them water by the river for a long long time. Or until they find something more trendy. Otherwise, real-time 3D applications are here to stay. Who says? The posers at CNet, the posers at CNN, the posers at the local VC shop.

None of whom has built a single world. But that's ok, selling them water by the river is a good business.

Do you think we should warn them that it's slippery when wet?

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