Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Really, Mr Cheney?

So, Mr. Cheney, you tell us that if John Kerry is elected, America will be attacked. It has already been attacked, Mr. Cheney. You tell us that John Kerry will wait until the attack has happened. Would that be the same way that you and President Bush waited, Mr. Cheney, until thousands of Americans died in a single day after months of your administration being warned by your own Director of Central Intelligence and your terrorism czar? Should we be more afraid of a man who has gone to war, performed superbly, then came home to serve honorably, or of two men, one of which was derelict in his duty and the other who used his marriage to escape the draft?

You tell us, Mr Cheney, that we have to 'get our mind around' the potential that terrorists will use weapons of mass destruction in our country? Really, Mr. Cheney, and exactly what have you to offer to protect us from that other than talk radio, jingoist politics, race baiting, fear mongering, and that's just what you've done to Americans? Will Rush Limbaugh join the Marines and bore al Qaeda to death? Is there a policy in there somewhere that addresses nuclear proliferation? Is there a plan there to work with our allies to track and stop shipments of illegal materials? If perhaps you would show the courage to come out from behind your handpicked audiences with their loyalty oaths and face the electorate as a man, perhaps you might get some good suggestions. Would you recognize them?

Really, Mr. Cheney, isn't all you are offering more of the same poor leadership that got us into this mess? Be truthful, for once.

You can't, and you know it.

The truth is this: you aren't that brave, you aren't that smart, and you aren't that capable. You know how to tell us to fear, and you know how to tell a colleague to f**k off when confronted. A fellow that can't even face the American public surely cannot face down Osama bin Ladin if he is the threat you tell us he is. You used your position to line the pockets of the energy industry. You ran from public scrutiny and you are still running. There is a word for such a man but if a man can't recognize heroism, he won't understand what that word means.

So, I think we can do better. We do care. Better a man with a Silver Star than a man with a deferment and a golden parachute from Haliburton.

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