Monday, March 01, 2010

Diane Sawyer or GMA: The Kiss of Death

Note that CNet is also running an article where newly signed bands try to refuse to social network or tweet. Note the comments are anti-social network on that announcement.

Kill The Wabbit!!

So in a single week, two trends we were promised were absolutely going to change our lives forever appear to be poised on the tip of the whiplash. True or not, it is a clue about how fragile any socially-driven technology really is. It is never about the technology itself. It is about the social perception and the enjoyment of the engagement. The first is fickle and the second is shadowed by boredom.

Note that all it took was the labels publicly telling their acts that social networks are good for their numbers. This is true. I can look at my YouTube stats and show you the exact day I started using FB to promote videos. No money involved. It was an experiment. On the other hand, Anti-The-Man sentiment is perrenial and eternal in some demographics and that happens to be the precise demographic these bands and their labels want to buy the music. Oopsie.

I have a rule of thumb: as soon as ABC Good Morning America runs a piece promoting a technology, a trend, a book, whatever, it’s on life support after that. If Diane Sawyer is into it, the hipsters are out.

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