Thursday, January 28, 2010


Beyond the incalculable blunder of the name (yes, our office jokes about this are the same as yours):

UPDATE: Thanks to Rob Koberg who sent this link, that point has been illustrated humorously by someone. Gotta love the web when it reacts fast and with the right spirit.

  • I've heard the cooing about consumers of books. I don't need it. I don't read that often.

  • I've heard the speculation about audio/midi. Thanks, I've got lots of those.

  • I've heard the games-du-jour rants. Thanks, I don't play games.

  • It's very cool. No thanks. I hate my cell phone.

  • You can watch hi-rez movies. No thanks. I have a Very Large Flatpanel for that and I can't drive and watch dinky 4:3 TV.

  • You're not our target demographic. Oh thank God for that.

  • $499 is CHEAP. Maybe, but only $999 is functional and I don't need a cute paperweight with hi-rez sparkles even if it sparkles for ten hours.

  • Arlo and Felicia are getting one. Good. She can ride on the back of his Indian and read to him. He'll like that.

  • YAG (yet another gadget). As the fellow said at CNet, iPass.


    John Cowan said...

    It sucks for book consumers too, since you can only read books you have bought through the iBookstore, or whatever it is called. People need to read books in PDF and RTF and RocketBook and all kinds of other formats too.

    Amber said...

    Yup. Guess I'm not the target demo either.

    Len Bullard said...

    Rob Koberg nailed it:

    Humor. A salve.

    Tim B. is right that it's a consumption device, not a creative device. Ok. But as John puts it well, the typical Apple approach which is to capture the content and lock behind a pretty plastic display case. On the other hand, I don't remember Apple ever fielding something that got so many guffaws and giggles. Some times you can't fool all of the people some of the time.

    There is hope for humanity. :)

    piers said...

    Hey Len, I asked this over at Tim's 'blog, but I'll crosspost here: the iPhone has potential as an augmented reality viewer, because it has a camera as well as accelerometers - do you see any potential for the iPad as a suitable interface for VR? Or is the screen too lousy compared to a home setup, and why would you want portable VR anyway, when you have highly portable and ubiquitous access to IRL? Any thoughts?

    Amber said...

    I have a Sony eBook reader. They recently went open format (epub) in addition to having PDF support etc. Amazon charges a nominal fee to 'import' stuff you've gotten for free somewhere else onto the Kindle. iTunes locks up the content even more. But you know, people buy them, they love them. I can't really tell you why, it's not like using their stuff has NO learning curve. It has as much as any other device, they just somehow manage to convince people it doesn't. grrr.

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