Saturday, January 30, 2010

Social Media: The Attentivore Venn

As I was reading a comment by Stefanie Michaels that said,
"Had you only taken the time to check out our feeds, you may have been able to have a more in depth understanding of who we are... after all- that's social media."
I thought about this picture; so here is it is at the speed of tweet.

The amazing thing is she didn't know we did read them and even made a video to support them in a good natured way. Maybe these gals don't get it unless it comes from their own inner circle. It is interesting that a report from the UK asserts that 90% of the tweets come from 10% of the twitterers.


Amber said...

>>Maybe these gals don't get it unless it comes from their own inner circle.<<

Mighty astute. What was that story about the cave and the shadows?

Someone on the blogosphere recently said that New Yorkers like to think they're cosmopolitan, but in their own way, they're as provincial as some of the people they like to turn their noses up at. I think that's the case here too.

Len Bullard said...

Good point, Amber. NY is just a piece of it. A virulent trend in culture is poking through. Well or self intentioned trends in an open environment causing if not traceable effects, very observable ones. Predictable. Life among the mammals.

John Cowan said...

We New Yorkers are "cosmopolitans" in the same sense that Jews were "cosmopolitans" in Europe between the World Wars, or Jews under Stalinism: people their own country doesn't want, an attitude sometimes returned with interest. Think of us as Singapore without caning, or Berkeley with big money.

Russell Baker also pointed out that the rest of the country tends to see New York City as containing only big winners and big losers, overlooking the vast majority of inhabitants who are just trying to live our lives as well as we can with what we have, just like in Huntsville or Albuquerque. (Not that we aren't different in some ways. Our per-capita use of both gasoline and energy for heating is about what the whole U.S. used per capita in the 1920s, thanks to our lack of private cars and our heat-efficient apartment buildings.)

Len Bullard said...

"I wish I was a kellog's cornflake, floating in a bowl making movies.."

John Cowan said...

BTW, I showed the above Venn diagram to my daughter and her bf, and they agree that Myspace and Facebook have been swapped.

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