Friday, August 27, 2010

AROMA Party: Effective Universal Symbols

Political correctness has become a burden to candidates and campaigns. As soon as a label is created, it is immediately, itself, labeled. The N-Word, the R-Word and of course, the Q-Word have been eliminated from all polite conversation.

As a result, it has become impossible to correctly and effectively assign values of combative opposition and this interferes with the nature of the contest and the context as realized in modern American politics.

The power of a political party is reckoned by the effectiveness of its message. Therefore, the AROMA Party chooses the Flying Fickle Finger gesture as the way to inform any candidate of which we disapprove the measure of our disapproval of their policy, dress, manner of speech or personality, or choice of locations for conveying any or all of the above.

In times past this gesture, also known as the Hawaiian Good Luck sign in smaller circles of political prisoners, has served as a way to let the other party know that they may sit on it and rotate. It being impossible this side of an elementary school playground to forbid or prevent its usage in impolite conversation, we believe this to be a sensible solution for insensitive party members there being no other type of conversation in American politics.

UPDATE: This decision can be summarized as "Two hands in the bush ARE worth one bird."


John Cowan said...

The New York Branch draws the National Office's attention to this excellent and useful list of q-words. Conveniently, many of them are of Arabic origin.

Len Bullard said...

The National Office commends the New York Branch on the depth of its scholarship and thanks it for the utility of this list.

The National Committee favors the Flying Fickle Finger gesture for its universality and fitness for inclusion in multiple media but will accept any q-word designating the same or analogous *S*emantic.

NOTE: From experience in previous lives, the use of the S-word is discouraged except in interpersonnal communications where its intention can be safely derived from the context of use.

John Cowan said...

American universality, maybe. In the U.K. they use two fingers, like a V-for-victory sign but reversed and in motion.

Len Bullard said...

Really? And I thought they were asking me for sex. Live and learn.

The AROMA Party has yet to become international. When it does catch on in the UK, we'll increase the symbol set. Until then, we should only use the minimum required to declare victory as we have in past conflicts.

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