Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Miles From Nowhere

It's good to know the endless political commercials are over. It's good to be back to watching programs about UFOs the way a kid watches cartoons. The fun can come back to living without the constant harranguing. There are some people I don't want to see for a few months but then, I don't need to. Life is good.

If there was a real loser by their own hand in the election, it is the mainstream media. Trust in them is now at the same level as Congress.

And that makes what comes next devilishly hard. We are in uncharted waters and blind as a bat.

There are very high expectations for this administration worldwide. It will be best to make the most of those while we can. I don't expect them to last and Obama won with a fragile coalition. No one really knows what he has in mind and he didn't win a filibuster proof Congress. The Democrats are now clearly in the driver's seat but unless their maps are better than what I've seen during the election, we won't know where we are going until we are there.

I've the same advice here as on Taplin's blog: bottom up systems don't work by having a master plan. They work because different people put their hand to different tasks and if they share the right values, the illusion of the top is enough to hold them together.

Otherwise, this moment of drunk exhiliration won't last to Christmas. Find the passion you have and work on that. Some will choose energy, some education, some net neutrality, some world hunger.

Some will make it the full time evisceration of Barack Obama just as the left did to Bush and the right did to the Clinton's.

And that means we go nowhere fast.

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