Thursday, November 06, 2008

Longer Boats Are Coming To Win Us

Day 2 of the sigh of relief from the robocalls and the rage producing commercials. Life is good again.

There are mean streets' moments out there but they will pass.
Barack will bring us together

Actually no. We will bring ourselves together or not at all. Don't lay that on him. He will have enough to do.
I don't want no god on my lawn; just a flower I can help along.

This one was bitter to the bone. There is no magical manna from heaven to change that. We'll get back to our routines and time does the rest. If the Obama supporters want to make that happen faster, now is the time to drop the stoner rhetoric and get focused on the tasks at hand. Time spent on the Great Get Even is time and resources wasted.
Cause the soul of nobody knows how a flower grows

Bottom up systems rely on multiple individuals forming communities and topics of interest to explore problems and come up with the best alternatives. The illusion of the top is the existence of shared values that enable the goals to be selected and shared. If we want this presidency to be about change and restoring our image around the world, pick the one issue for which you have the most passion and knowledge and work with those who share it. Build a longer boat and pick a crew.
Mary dropped her pants by the sand and let a parson come and take her hand

Obama doesn't have a mandate or a landslide. He has a clean win of six points. The good news is that stops a repeat of the Bush/Gore let the lawyers decide it debacle. But be smart and realize that a) 47% thought otherwise b) the Democratic blowout of Congress didn't happen and c) the Republican Party isn't going away. Richard Nixon had a landslide and was roasted within two years.
Cause the soul of nobody knows where the parson goes.

I'm not sure if this is about change as much as getting back to being the country that works together without the demoralizing mind killing fear and paranoia of the last eight years. Look in your hearts and minds and ask if you really do put country first. If you do, drop the partisan rhetoric and pick up an oar and row.
Hold on to the shore or they'll be taking the key from the door

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