Thursday, October 30, 2008

Original Inspiration

There is a text circulating among the Obama supporters that cause them to become weak kneed. It goes as follows:

Rosa sat, so Martin could walk

Martin walked so Barack could run

Barack is running so our children can fly

It is inspiring but not original. Here is the original from Flip Wilson:

"Before this church can do great things for God, it's gotta learn to crawl."

"Let it crawl, Rev" shouts the congregation, "Let it crawl."

"And when it's learned to crawl" the preacher continued, "it's gotta learn to walk."

"Let it walk," the congregation responds loudly, "Let it walk!"

Then, fixing them with his eye, the preacher shouted, "And when it's learned to walk, it's gotta run and we all know a church can't run without money!"

There is a momentary silence, then the congregation responds,

"Let it crawl, Rev, let it crawl!"


John Cowan said...

I like both of them.

Len Bullard said...

Me too.

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