Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always A Woman

The gals at ABC, Claire and Katy, are discussing with their husbands why men like Sarah Palin. The comments are like those at Taplin's blog: men are obsessed by sex.

It's a cop out as explanations go. Men are obsessed about cars but they don't want them to run the country, just the track. Yes, NASCAR is a metaphor for life.

If a man's opinion about men's opinions counts, then I know why I like Palin:

She likes men. And she doesn't apologize for it.

She stands up to the media onslaught like a beauty queen and keeps smiling. Every day her media chops get better and yet her personality remains convivial and compassionate.

She is Caribou Barbie and you know what, that's a pretty good example to follow.

In other words, she's normal. After the slutarama starting with Madonna through Pink, or the hobnailed boots approach from Joy Behar, aka, Grandma Grumpy, it is attractive to see a woman act as if being a woman was a good thing but not a special thing.

Chalk it up to minority fatigue. Fifty years of majority-be-guilty has gotten very old.

Give us a woman we can love easily and we will love them forever.

Give us an ordeal and a deal is all it will ever be.

Palin represents something that angers a lot of women: a successful woman, standing proud, staying tough, and holding on to hers by rights without a fight.

When any of you can do that, you'll quit talking about womenomics and start running a country.

Palin may not be your cup of tea but she always a woman to me.

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