Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Toke Over The Line

Just as I think the Obama campaign can't get more self-serving, I find yet another nitwit proposal.

We are being asked not to defend ourselves because that is bad for the 'cultural goods' market in California. Jon Taplin, the Annenberg Chair of Communications at USC and movie executive writes in his paper proposing that California become a city-state, "America's aggressive military posture has led to a rise in Anti-Americanism in cultural goods."

Wow. So now we are told that California is to become independent just as Governor Schwarzenegger goes hat in hand to ask for $7 billion dollars from the Federal government because California can't pay its bills due to the astronomical (30%) difference in pay to State employees.

The California entertainment moguls are the same people holding those big private soirees to contribute to Obama's campaign, but we are messin' with their business by fighting global terrorism.

It doesn't get kookier than that. I hope. If it does, it's time put up a fence in Nevada before the crazy people come rolling home. The state that has been one toke over the line for forty years has decided being high is more important than being safe.

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John Cowan said...

For a slightly more practical proposal, economically, philosophically, and practically, from 2004, see "Should New York City Secede?"

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