Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Amos Moses Is Gone: Jerry Reed

Among the pickers that are my personal heros is Jerry Reed. Most of you probably remember him as Burt Reynolds' sidekick in the Smokey and The Bandit movies, but for me he was first and always one of the hottest country rock players on a nylon string. He was good, he was funny, he was full of love and on fire. Jerry passed away last night and I don't know any details but I'm sad as sad can be about it. I usually post a video to accent some point I want to make on this blog, but this time, there are several posted just to remember what a fine fine picker this man was. Once again, God bless YouTube for making this stuff available.

Although better known for songs such as When You're Hot You're Hot and Amos Moses, the first song I ever heard him play was his first hit, A Thing Called Love.

Jerry was a fast hand but never better than when playing duets with Chet Atkins. Here's Jerry's Breakdown with Jerry and Chet Atkins.

Here is Jerry playing as he says, a song guitar players associate with him called The Claw.

And last, Jerry sings a Jim Croce song, and right well, an old man in a hat still doing it. Pick it, Amos!

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