Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Keep Saying It Until They Believe It

Michelle Obama goes on The View to be one of the girls. She praises Hillary, talks about sexism, tries to make nice. This is the political makeover a very highly paid PR firm is putting together.

Yet this is now and this is what she was saying a short time ago.

I don't mind the Obama's being blatant hypocrites. I mind them doing that while their supporters are still engaged in destroying Hillary Clinton to break that 18 million voter bloc Clinton controls. The Obama's believe possibly rightly that Goebbels was right: just keep saying it until they believe it.

Meanwhile the Obama campaign moved two women wearing hijabs from behind the platform for the appearance with Al Gore. This kind of staging has occurred before and Obama apologizes afterwards, but his campaign continues the practice so it isn't something he can honestly say he isn't aware of. "All for the show, ya no", as Mick Jagger said. His supporters defend it by saying Fox would have a field day with the photos. And they are right. On the other hand, courage is doing the thing that is dangerous because it is the right thing to do.

He is the rock candidate alright. Or as Reverend Wright said, "Just a politician." Whatever. This isn't change anyone with half a brain can believe in.

Obama isn't about change or hope or us. Obama is about Obama. That's what rock stars do... or candidates for the job anyway.

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Kevembuangga said...

Of course Goebbels was right!
But the problem is not with Goebbels, the problem is with the morons who "believe" (on whatever subject).
That may sound paradoxical but Goebbels and democracy fall in the same category.

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