Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finding Judith Durham

Father's Day is when I miss my Dad. We shared life and music. It was a grace-filled relationship. Evenings spent playing old songs, I miss that. I have my own song for Dad, but I found something special this year.

The web has delights for the finding. Judith Durham is one. Georgy Girl had me from the first note. For a long time I didn't know what became of the beautiful chestnut-haired singer so beguiling when I was a boy of twelve.

It has been a pure delight to discover she became even more brilliant and heartfelt.

A musician born is a musician forever. I love this one. She was first in a boy's heart and as she sang, "I know I'll never find another you", I knew I never would.


DaveP said...

Great voice Len. Enunciation too!

Len Bullard said...

Yes, Judith has always been the clear throated singer with perfect pitch and enunciation.

A whole generation of young boys was in love with this woman. It really was fantastic to discover that she kept going as a musician and composer away from the spotlight but dead center of her own target. Amazing. Poke around the YouTube vids of her. There are some staggeringly good songs there.

Brian54M said...

Believe it or not one month ago I had never heard of Judith Durham. Of course I like everyone else in the US (I am 65) remember the Seekers for 4 or 5 great song in the 60’s, with a lovely female voice. particularly “Georgy Girl” which sold a movie, that most people seem to find a little disappointing.
They actually beat the Beatles and Rolling Stones, to #1 several times, but then they totally disappeared except for occasional “oldies station” clips. If I had any image of them personally it was probably negative, (Judith proved to be totally different than I imagined).
I had discovered that there was a tremendous choice of music on you tube, and looked up old songs including things I hadn’t heard in over 50 years.
One day I happened to think of the Seekers, and pulled them up. What a revelation, especially when I saw that beautiful little angel, with the golden voice, that never seemed to age. I think within 20 minutes I was in love, and she was my all time favorite singer.
I have no doubt that if they had stayed together for a few more years the Seekers would have enjoyed tremendous success, and that Judith would be switching off with Bette Midler, Celine Dion, and Elton John at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Judith Durham
Her lovely voice only better with her Australian accent.
Love Sir David.....

Anonymous said...

There will never be a female vocalist like Judith Durham. She is God's angel sent to deliver a little piece of heaven on earth. Her voice and kind spirit will never be matched...Thank you, Judith, for so much joy!

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