Monday, March 31, 2008

Listen To Mario

Here's how it plays out. Obama squeaks out a narrow victory in the General Election. Once in office, lacking a credible legislative agenda, the ultra-left wing extremists in the DNC are able to force bills onto the floor with more spending, reparations, etc. With the US economy tanking, a recession becomes a searing depression. Inflation soars.

In two years, the Republicans sweep both houses of congress with calls to repeal Obama's socialist agenda. In four years, the executive branch falls to the Republicans.

So much for the election we couldn't lose.

Obama didn't throw his grandmother under the bus. He exaggerated a situation he thought would buy him time. It worked. None of the people in his circle who made the statements causing the uproar are allowed anywhere near a microphone. That is working too.

The problem is, it won't work all the way to November much less for four years.

He had a normal upper middle class childhood and found himself feeling guilty about that. Why? Ask him. He has led a very successful life but is still telling us about his pain filled background of self-loathing and doubt? Why? Ask him.

In fact, this man is not a race candidate. In the mixed neighborhood I grew up in, the blacks would have referred to him as an 'oreo' and me as 'buttermilk'. Those names stick hard and hurt but we raise ourselves above them and move on because we learn that the only names that matter are the ones we call ourselves. The beliefs that matter are the ones we choose.

Justice is not found in nature. It is found in the choices of the heart.

Obama didn't move on. He married, embraced his wife's faith and church. He chose a base of political support that chooses to preach Black Liberation Theology. Obama can't speak to those beliefs so he puts them down as 60s rhetoric but they still are the tightly held beliefs of his base in Chicago.

Obama is a man with demons. He needs to work those out and the conversation will help. But he can't be doing that and running the country at a time of economic crisis and threats to our security. Give him some time and one day he might be ready for this.

But that time is not now. He is unelectable.

Bosnia: well that was dumb, big girl. On the other hand, screw the lie. I saw the movie, folks. She was there. Where was Obama? She was in the Senate for the vote? Where was Obama? She was in the White House for eight years? Where was Obama?

Tell you what, I'll trade you a verse of "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky" for a verse of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone". Then we can all drink ripple and smoke gold together while we dance on the grave of the Democratic Party.

A caucus is not an election. It is a screamfest. Rumors are it is getting mean at these. The caucai are getting caca. Should we mau mau our way to the nomination?

How did the guy at CNet put it?

Write like a strategist and think like a stoner.

Now the TUCC scrubs their site. For a campaign that is rumored to be very good with technology, not knowing about Google cache wasn't too bright either. Nor is ignoring that your competition and not just a few nutcases have it archived in their personal cache.

We've let our parties be hijacked by the extremes. Bummer.

Scrubbing the web site is just the opener. It gets even more Orwellian from this point forward. It is one thing to misstate memory. It is quite another to start erasing it. That's fear. With a double digit lead and the press piling on, moves like this means the Chicago machine is terrified of what has yet to surface.

You want to win this. Listen to Mario. Mario knows things. Like getting 28% back in the fold is the difference between winning and losing no matter who is nominated.

Or ID_NilCorrecto: Mario is Italian. Italians know things. Capiche?

The following video has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this blog, but seriously, doncha need a laugh right about now?

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