Sunday, March 30, 2008

Come Together

Blackmail. Hate. Muscling. Orders to Get Out.

Not really the election I was looking forward to.

Don't let either side divide us. Don't come together for Hillary. Don't come together for Obama.

Come together for each other.

Or have you already? Someone said that Senator Obama being elected would be the fulfillment of Reverend King's dream. When the black and white children began to play together in Alabama, and no one stopped them, that was the fulfillment of the dream. That dream was for black and white, together, unbound.

I suggest both candidates get over themselves and sit down and work out the deal for a victory in November for all Americans.

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John Cowan said...

Excellent. Especially if said deal doesn't involve a bucket of warm piss. Because I am definitely going to vote against a Republican in November. (I voted for Kucinich in the popularity contest, but he didn't have any delegates on my ballot.)

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