Saturday, September 08, 2007

A New Song Fer Ye

I'll make a proper recording of this song, but for those who like them rawer, this is a raw as I get: one voice, one guitar, one mic, all real time.

This is my comment on war, not the politics, but the sad reality of it over the generations for me.

My Son's Time To Go



John Cowan said...

Len, I need to listen to this piece about five more times before I can render a proper judgment on it, but this much I can say right now:

Do. Not. Touch. This. Recording. No cleaning it up. No fixing it. No digital manipulation. No re-recording until it's "just right". No.

This is a protest song, and that's not The Way Things Are Done in the protest-song tradition. Gussying it up would be like adding shiny colorful Hello Kitty stickers to a hand grenade. You leave it the hell alone.

Like I said, more later.

(P.S. Thanks for the links, and my address is all over the web:

Len Bullard said...

Thanks John. You can be sure I'll leave that version up for free downloads. I have been working on a different version with all my usual syrupy bits because some people like their protest songs with strings and also, that is how I have fun. Also, I made enough mistakes playing that to cringe. But yes, the people who want raw deserve the lean reality of unmanipulated performance and the protest tradition is one of real messages to real people.

Big thanks for giving it a listen. Sad thing, isn't it?

Sharon said...

I cried, of course.

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