Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Two: Testing the River of Life World

So far tests are running about as I expected. On the Bit Management Contact browser, it works ok minus the expected case sensitive file errors. I'll fix those. One tester sent me his Flux Console output and that IS VERY HELPFUL. BIG THANKS!

I published one comment from an Anonymous source which I normally won't do, but will make an exception in this case. Please when you send feedback, include the name of the browser you are using. One of the reasons for completing and fielding ROL is to provide a shake test for the VRML/X3D browsers. As we understand where this world won't run outside of BS Contact, we'll have a pretty good idea of where and why we aren't achieving the cross-browser playability that is so critical to the success and growth of standards-based 3D content on the web.

Many thanks, Folks! If you want to keep up with this, go to my other blog,

where I'll discuss the technical issues. Lamammals is a personal rant blog.

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