Friday, February 18, 2005

Part II. The Universe Whispers OZ: The Bucket Brigade of Good Deed Doers

A friend asked about the Bucket brigade blog....

I'm rambling of course. That is what happens when lots of ideas start to collide. In India, or so I've read, someone with attention deficit disorder is considered holy. In the West, we give them drugs and try to integrate them.

To do evil, the wicked use the acts of goodness of others for their own purposes, to fool the living. Funny thing is, it never works for very long. Life knows what it likes. Life can be fooled by humbugs, but not forever.

I got an email today seriously suggesting that we can patent the idea of metadata-driving software factories. I pointed out that his immune system already does that and nature holds the patent.

In the play,(based on the Royal Shakespeare Theatre script) the Wicked Witch watches through her very large crystal ball, the progress of the foursome. She makes a speech about how it is fate that the Wizard delivers them to her. She has real power, but knowing everything doesn't make one able to choose better because she does not know what it all means in context.

Is there risk doing the right thing in the open?

Always do the good thing anyway. The good will help you and the wicked can't figure out why a good deed is worth doing; they can only steal it, and then what? There is no yellow brick road in the land of the Winkies because she always knows when a stranger enters. She sends her Flying Monkeys to bring her doom to her. Her castle is a secret place and "the nature of evil is secrecy".

How much power do you really need in a plot that is sensitive to initial conditions, a land of magical emergence?

Not much. Hardly any if you choose rightly.

The Professor has no power but with his small "genuine authentic magic crystal used by the priests of Isis and Osiris in the days of the Pharoahs of Egypt, in which Cleopatra first saw the approach of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony... and so on and so on" he uses his humbug magic to try to send Dorothy home, only to send her in to the path of the tornado. He does the best he can with his humbuggery, and that is enough to put her on a path to self-discovery. Dorothy stumbles into the ocean of real life through a dream.

Life dreams. It fantasizes. It comes to know itself. It likes to be wet.

The Witch knows all that happens in Oz, but she doesn't see that bucket of water coming. One evil act too many blinds her. That is how all tyrants fall.

Living things self-lube. Life is wet. We come from the ocean. "There's no place like home."

Life knows what it likes. That's why the bucket brigade, the web, folksonomy, and open source all work. Lots of little good hearted decisions all self-lubing and in their own time, making something an individual wants to use through group effort, cooperation, respect, patience, and willingness to let the other person pass because we all get there in time.

A name is a wall. It isn't that we don't need them, but we mustn't make them more powerful than they need to be. Like XML namespaces. It is the principle of least commitment. It doesn't melt when the semantic ocean, like a bucket of water, is tossed on it.

"What a world! What a world!" ;-)


Forensic Quintesiscope said...

But don't you find that water is in fact the essence of wetness? Or are you just blowing more smoke?

len said...

It depends. You can cool your engine with water but if you lube it with water, you will most definitely blow smoke.

Lubricity comes in many colors and flavors and from many sources. Dryness is all of a single kind.

Forensic Quintesiscope said...

Ah but you under estimate the sublety at which dryness is quenched. THIS is what differentiates dryness. Don't overlook fulfillment as the precursor to evaluation. You above all know that the journey is in fact better than the destination. So when the water does flow, let that moment, just before dryness in quenched, linger and linger, and smile.

len said...

Just so.

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