Friday, February 18, 2005

One Ringy Dingy Two Ringy Dingies

I'm sitting in the staff meeting watching a Power Point presented by a novitiate attempting to explain Indigo. He really likes Don Box. I mean, Really likes Don Box. That's ok. I really like Carly Fiorina. A good rack IS an asset in this business. At the end of the presentation, he puts up a slide with the so-called "Challenge Question". It was "What is an Enterprise Service Bus?" I replied, "It's a patch bay." but thought, "That won't explain anything to a non-musician who hasn't spent time in a recording studio."

Somewhere deeper in my subconcious I heard a voice saying, "One ringy dingy! Two ringy dingies! Gracious good afternoon! Is this the service to whom I am speaking? SNOOOORRT!" and laughed out loud. Of course, I didn't explain why.

Live long enough, and everything becomes iconic, symbolic, or indexical. That doesn't mean it is explainable or funny to anyone but oneself. Quiet moments of silent laughter are best enjoyed in the privacy of one's own hallucinations.


Don Box said...


I'm trying to parse your comment about my rack.

Care to elaborate?


len said...

Moi? Vous? Fiorina was talking about HP servers or at least, that's the way the quote went. I don't know what our guy was talking about, but he and several guys on the hall are big Don Box fans. You act must have mojo and juju.

Does MS have a great rack too? Whoda thunk it...

East coast and west coast presentation styles have a whole continent between 'em. Possibly because on the west coast, they actually have style.

Anonymous said...

"novitiate attempting to explain Indigo"

It’s a waste of time to listen to critics who haven’t produced anything of value themselves.

len said...

Sort of weird. Listening is everything. Timing is everything else. Then there is status. Groupthink is alive and well out there enforcing norms of local politics. If you want to be more than a mediocre regrinder of other people's ideas, you have to work on things that fascinate you. Then you can hand them on or not. The bucket brigrade is a risky business because you will find that not all hands are out when the bucket comes to you.

The symptom of arrested development, the permanent adolescent is how much they only associate with their own tribe. Of such are borne most of the indolent stupidities of the world and a lot of the evil. "The nature of evil is secrecy.." And a lot of stupid. The reason most people don't know that they aren't having an original thought is they seldom listen to others thinking.

len said...

By the way, they weren't criticizing Indigo. They are impressed by it. The fellow presenting was hitting high points without much detail because it is a short staff meeting and details would have been overkill.

Anonymous said...

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