Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Iraq and Symmetrical Network Response

Here's a short thought to entertain yourself with. What if Iraq is acting as a host for breeding anti-terrorist, anti-fundamentalist, even anti-Muslim antibodies in the form of the troops and other personnel deployed there? Is this an effort that like Niels Jerne's network theory of immune response (self-regulating, self-organizing) is creating the next generation of public safety responders?

When they come home, a lot of them will get jobs in the public safety systems. Given the National Response Plan, a doctrine will be in place that is essentially just in time and networked with primacy given to local response. All that system requires to work is for it to be staffed by the analogs of anti-bodies and anti-antibodies that already have the recognition patterns for the kinds of antigens anticipated to be troublesome in this century. Recognition is the key requirement. As soon as the anti-Muslim receptors are eliminated, the ability to recognize the anti-Western behavior without indulging in self and other thinking would be priceless.

Maybe this is a scary thought, but it could be precisely what will work.


Anonymous said...

Plausible, considering that most of the emergent trauma care system we take for granted now was born during the Korean and Viet Nam wars. Ambulances, helicopters, and medevac.

len said...

And that a fairly large contingent of the bush-trained soldiers came home to support the burgeoning cash rich illegal drug industry, the Black Panthers and other groups not exactly on the side of law and order.

It will cut both ways.

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