Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Winning The Game

If you like to think like the thinkers who think command and control is hierarchical by nature, but intelligence is networked by design, here is a good article:

Winning the Game

Years ago, some of us feasted on chaos and complexity theory, information systems, and game theories such as tit-for-tat as discussed in Scientific American. For me, I wrote the Information Ecosystems paper you see referenced in the left column which is as Dave Winer said, tough reading. To write clearly, one has to really understand what one is going on about and when I wrote that, I barely did. I think some of the bloggers are in about that same place, but they do have values that match their objectives, so big points for that. When I wrote the blog on Surviving Outsourcing, I was after a similar theme: if you want to blow a system to pieces without too much risk, find the interfaces and slow them down. The evaporating energy budget does the rest.

The problem with the American elections is that there is far too much energy available for that strategy to work. Truth is the weapon of choice, but as my Dad used to tell me, they aren't interested in the truth; they want to hear about the deal you're making. If Kerry wants to win, he has to go straight for the jugular. The Republicans wrap themselves in the flag and promote fear.

1. Al Qaeda though dangerous is still a street gang. They have trouble with travel, transport, and financing. They can always replace members so just killing them isn't enough. Make it harder and harder to pay for goods and services.

2. If the Republicans want to keep us safe, why did they out covert agents names? They want power and don't care who or what they risk to get it. Make sure that is remembered. The real flip flop is the flipping of values for convenience.

3. Watch the History Channel presentation of "Nazi America: The Secret History". It provides the classic example of how propaganda with a minimum population can create a generational movement, even one that is abhorrent on the face of it. Note that Hitler actually understood that and did his best to put a pudgy bland face on it.

4. Democratic values aren't enough. Not enough people vote and in a system that elects electors, very small numbers can outweigh the power of the majority. Human values aren't enough. The German Bund sold 'decency' as the cornerstone of its values. Values that match objectives are. Until the Democrats are crystal clear about how their values are supported by their objectives, they will lose to the financial players and the rock hard discipline of the Republicans. Note that such discipline was the cornerstone of the German Bund and note the use of youth camps. If you don't find these today, it is because you are looking for swastikas and they aren't that dumb. Look at the hard right wing church camps.

Bush and the Republicans have achieved one thing I did not think possible: they have made me watch Christians with an eye toward an enemy. Not Christianity, because the teachings of the Christ are pure truth and beautiful, the word of God. No, I mean just as the Nazis hijacked the teachings of decency while preaching a mystical connection with higher powers, these guys have hijacked Jesus and put him on their dashboard. There is an old Arlo Guthrie song about that.

Where are you, Arlo? We need you.


Mike said...

> these guys have hijacked Jesus and put him on their dashboard. There is an old Arlo Guthrie song about that.

I think it's Janis Joplin. "I don't care if it rains or freezes, 'long as I got my plastic Jesus, riding on the dashboard of my car."

len said...

It's both but I'd have to open up old vinyl to find the Arlo recording. I played it in my sets in the Seventies. Hmmm... old folk songs do keep becoming relevant again.

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