Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Arnold Speaks

That is quite possibly the scariest speech I've ever seen. Skipping over the obvious cheap shots, any politician who cites Richard Nixon are the fount of his political consciousness obviously is neither a smart politician or an action hero. I voted for Nixon because we needed an S.O.B. to dig us out of the biggest mistake of American politics, and one made by Democrats: Vietnam. I don't think I'm going to vote for another bum who got us into another Vietnam even at the urging of a guy who used steroids to bulk up and then married into Democratic royalty after years of groping his co-stars and calling anyone with intelligence, girly-men.

Even Cheney looked uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure a lot of people watching did. On the other hand, after watching the local TV station interview people in this most Republican of states, not too many people were. That's too bad. That raised arm at the end sure made me squirm.

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