Friday, June 29, 2018

45 and the Battle for the Supreme Court

What 45 is doing is obvious. We are joining the old school Soviet bloc as a satellite. It's a battle of mega-super-rich money blocs. And some scary resources are in on it. OTW, 45 and members of his organization would not still be breathing air. OTOOH, the number of indictments and guilty pleas are piling up. His time is shortening and the things they want to achieve are almost done. One more supreme and they have a lock on the US top to bottom.

Investments are moving to Huntsville Alabama  mostly in automatic ways. Google and Facebook are building server farms which as thee and me know are mostly bots with a handful of tenders. The employment impact is practically nil. The tax increases are mostly swallowed by the incentives. If Canada comes down hard on the tariffs, the impact on agriculture and my neighbors will be sure and fast. Let it come. It is time for some good Christian folk to feel the impact of using immoral means to achieve moral ends as they see them. We can differ on the actual morality of the ends, but the other is plain to see. So short or long term, no free lunch.

It comes down to the Letter from the Birmingham Jail or the speech in The Untouchables. What are we willing to do, to sacrifice, to endure to achieve moral ends? Maxine Waters goes loud but when advised there are death threats cancels her trip to Birmingham. Dr. King walked right into the fire when it was a helluva lot hotter. He paid a price. He achieved incredible things and left Coretta a widow not by choice.

If 45 is able to get his next justice as many predict he will, what will we do? Secede? Run? Fight? I live in a country where as we are told the very best warriors in the world live. I've worked along side them. Do you think they might decide to frag their commander in chief? I don't.

So that leaves hopefully non-violent but persistent protest. Moral means to achieve moral ends. But we damm well better agree on the ends or the means will surely defeat us by our own hands.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree,

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