Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Little Bird Whispers

A little bird whispers into the ear of a monster, Qaddiysh,
A secret that wounds the heart of darkness.

There is a light that cannot be unshone.
There is a love that cannot be undone.
Two sparks separated by a million years
Two hearts with a single rhythm
Can never be apart, can never be alone
Are ever one. Dark Angel, one.

Space pushes every point in heaven and earth
Time shares every cry in the pain of birth
Your strength, your will, your malefaction
Are swallowed without your satisfaction

What cannot be counted cannot be destroyed
Your impotent pleasure strikes into a void.

Though the fires you set rage across the fields
The corn still stands, the wheat still waves
The winds blow gentle, the hot sky yields
The rains that harvest's bounty saves.

Though demon legions you command to come from hell's dominion
To scar the faces now upturned with eyes firm fixed on heaven
I sit here on your shoulder freely singing that song given
By love to all from whom the light your presence now is driven.

len bullard - sept 17 2014


Lannie Ridder said...

The kaddisj is often mistaked for a prayer for the dead. To post messages on FB that refer to your poem which cannot be commented and at the same time claim that private property is a target by a guy that has a dog face as a profile picture is funny. Lots of Lassies have balls you know. Think about it. XXX Lannie Ridder

Len Bullard said...

In the poem "Qaddiysh" is used as in the Aramaic: "holy one" or "angel".

The quote about private property is from a song by Jefferson Airplane. It's an inside joke from the IP wars in the early Internet lists and the fact that stealing ideas from others and claiming them was so prevalent and so widely practiced.

As you see, you can comment but I moderate comments. My choice.

The dog is a Sheltie, not a border collie. I've used various pix but people like the Sheltie best and it's a better looking dog than me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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