Tuesday, September 07, 2010

AROMA Party: Economic Platform

The National Headquarters received the following from the AROMA Party Florida Chair regarding our economic platform:

Point of disorder, motion on the floor: I propose that the Economic Program of the Aroma Party be called by its Right True Name:


Resistance is optional, but will be terminal.
Submitted on Sept 7, 2010 in the month of the Plucked Virgo. JTMc - AROMA Party Florida Delegation Chair

After some not so cogent but distracted discussion, the motion from the Florida Chair is inanimously adopted. To wit:

Principles of Futilitarianism

  1. Given the economics of integerless investment where we can reckon the value of the gleam in the eye of the investor and derive unprincipled value from this, savings are futile, so the sensible act is to spend it all as fast as you get it. This is summarized by the phrase: Get It While You Can.

  2. Investors in the current economic structures of fractional currencies where the more we spend, the less we have and the more we make the more we need shall be called by their philosophically correct term: Slaves.

  3. Hope in a better future is contrary to the goals of Futilitarians. Since the eventual end of all things at any scale is entropy, cold dishwater on the barnacles of human existence, Futilitarianism captures the essence of the last declaration of the major philosophy of Futility: Why Bother?

Goals of Futilitarians

  • If our party comes to power, we will immediately spend resources to create a world wide web of despair, gloom and dissolution. This shall be known as The Futility Grid.

  • Futility Grid subscribers will be provided with free accounts but will be required to donate to the party any and all intellectual properties which they have in their possession. This ensures no good idea will be realized that reduces the overall value of the Grid. This is in accordance with the Why Bother Principle (See Above).

This list of principles and goals shall be expanded as received from AROMA Party members unless such principles and goals conflict with the lists above.

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